Hi this is Steve. I've been photographing people for as long as I can remember and I am told I am now getting the hang of it.

All families want wonderful photographs to treasure forever, and I make this possible by producing high quality images at affordable prices.

My style is to bring out the personality in each person by use of careful posing and effective use of light. I love bright colours and contrasty black and whites, as you can see in the pictures on this site.

I prefer to work out of doors, using the natural landscape or your garden as a backdrop rather than using a stuffy studio. But if you prefer a home shoot, I'll bring my mobile studio to your home and set it up in whatever rooms or spaces you choose.

The shoot takes an unrushed and enjoyable 1 to 2 hours. After the shoot I take the images away to edit them and you get the finished versions a few days later.


Please choose from the plans below:

Package A:  

A relaxed and unhurried photo shoot. You can involve cars, bikes, pets or any other props; be as creative as you like.

After the shoot I take the images away for editing and send you 25 or so, by email or on a USB stick. From these you choose the 3 you like best and I print them out, about A4 size on high quality photo paper, mount them on strut photo mounts (as in the photo here) and send them along to you.

The total cost of this package is £178.

If you would like to choose more than 3 photos to print, the additional cost is £10 each for A4 size including mounts. Or £20 each for A3 size for framing. Or of course you could print them out yourself.

These prices are all you pay, there are no extras of any sort on top and no vat to pay.

Payment information is towards the bottom of this page.

Photo shoots make great gifts, so how about trying our Voucher system.

Package B:

A relaxed and unhurried photo shoot as with Package A.

After the shoot I take the images away for editing and select around 60 to mount in a 20 page A4 size high quality photo-book album. You also receive the images on a USB stick.

The total cost of this package is £288.

If you would also like some prints for framing, the additional cost is £10 each for A4 size or £20 each for A3 size. Or of course you could print them out yourself.

Payment information is towards the bottom of this page.

Package C:  anything at all

In practice you can have anything you want; any size up to an enormous A0 print and any style including canvas. Just tell me your requirements and I’ll give you a price.



If you would like the photos framed I can get that done for you; the cost depends on the frames you select. But for example: one top quality frame with non-reflective glass holding a very large 400mm by 300mm print can cost up to £178. This gives you a fabulous work of art to treasure forever.

Or on the other hand if you prefer to do it yourself, people like Tesco and Asda do a good range of frames, but the glass should ideally be non-reflective.

When and how do I pay?

I ask for a deposit of £58 in advance of the day of the shoot to secure the booking, then nothing more until I am ready to send you the finished, edited photographs. Details of how to pay are near the bottom of the Contact Us page.


Any Questions?

What about clothing, hair and make-up?

Wear whatever clothing you think expresses your personality, though anything very light or very dark can cause problems. But try to keep colours simple and maybe think about using a colour scheme; maybe everyone in bright colours or perhaps everyone in soft colours. And remember that denim never goes out of date!

And if you wish, I can arrange for a skilled Make-Up Artist and/or Hair Stylist to come along; just ask for the rates for this.

Do you edit the photos?

Yes I do, and it's included in the price. Editing is one of the big differences between mass produced compared with high quality portrait photography, and it makes the photos really stand out by adding vibrancy and making the colours richer. I can also remove any unwanted blemishes from the images and make them as perfect as possible if that's what you want.

To contact me:

Either  Phone:  01522 850 323 or 07462 619 478

OR email:  contact@photographylincoln.co.uk

OR  Fill in the short form below:

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