Prices: Digital Photographs of:

Arrival and Ceremony (including posed photos of Guests and Bride & Groom) £228.

Arrival, Ceremony and Reception followed by cutting the cake £318.

Arrival, Ceremony, Reception and Evening event to first dance £368.

Arrival, Ceremony, Reception then right up to the end of the Evening event £428.

Bridal preparations £68 extra.

To find out how I keep my prices so low, it is in the FAQ below.

How can I use the photos? There are no logos or watermarks on the photos, so you can do anything you like with them. Or I can produce prints and albums for you if you wish.

Prints & Albums:

Photographs printed out A4 size and mounted in strut photo mounts are £10 each.

Around 60 photographs printed out and mounted in a 20 page A4 sized high quality photo book album costs £138.

I can produce prints of any size, arrange framing or anything else you fancy; just tell me what you need.

Payment Plans

I know how difficult it can be to plan and pay for a wedding, so I offer flexible easy payment plans to suit you; please ask for details.

The Next Step

All you need to do is contact me and we'll arrange a time to meet to go over the layout of the day.

If you have any questions at all or need anything clarifying, just press here to contact me and I'll do my best to answer them.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you and creating some wonderful works of art.


A deposit of £68 secures the booking and fixes the price, then nothing more is payable until after the wedding when I am ready to give you the photographs. To pay just press here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you keep your prices so low?

Because my prices are fair I am kept very busy, and that means I can keep prices even lower, which makes me even busier; simple economics really. This is a full-time photography business using excellent equipment so quality is very high. As you can see, you are simply getting high standards for less cash. But I do get booked up quickly.

Do you have any more images from weddings for me to look at?

Certainly; just press here.

Are there any other charges, such as travel costs that we will have to pay?

No there is nothing else, and no vat to pay.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes. (This is a very important question by the way, as the venue can refuse entry to a photographer who is not properly insured).

What about Copyright?

Copyright is not an issue. As far as I'm concerned you have paid for the photos, so you can do anything you like with them; you can print them out, put them on Facebook or use them any way you like. I never put watermarks or logos on your photos.

Do you do Engagement shoots?

Yes, I can do a pre-wedding/Engagement shoot at an attractive location near you when I visit you for our pre-wedding meeting. The cost is half my usual price at £49.

What if it rains on my wedding day? The photos will be ruined!

I will take the photos of guests inside the buildings. Then the Bride and Groom can go back next week with me and we will spend an hour or so taking photographs, so it will all be fine. (There is no extra charge for this).

How many images will I get on the USB stick?

It depends on which parts of the day you would like photographed, but for the entire event including preparations and the evening you could expect around 500 edited images, telling the story of the day from beginning to end.

Do you offer a Premium Package?

Yes. Just press here to go to the premium package.

What do you look like?

 wedding photographer

Apparently a bit like this. (Excuse the picture quality; I didn't take it!)


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